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To all sportsmen, women, riders, and fans of Thoroughbred horse racing:

The long-awaited and first-ever travel guide to America's Thoroughbred horse racing tracks is here !!!!

Check below to see the cover, and rest assured: books can be ordered through Amazon, your hometown book merchant, and big-name bookstores.

We hope to see you at the races!


Marlene Smith-Baranzini, author and editor, has lived in northern California since 1982. A native of Michigan, she taught seventh grade for several years and then moved to the Caribbean, where she met her husband, J.B.

Smith-Baranzini has written or edited several books for children and adults on American and California history. After graduating from the University of San Francisco with a master's degree in writing, in 1990 she was appointed associate editor of California History magazine, the quarterly journal of the California Historical Society.

Marlene has continued her research and writing about Louise Clappe, a nineteenth-century American woman who lived in California during the Gold Rush and wrote of her life and adventures among the miners in northern California. In 1998, Marlene edited an all-new edition of the popular classic, The Shirley Letters from the California Mines, 1851-1852, by Louise Clappe.  Her most recent work on Clappe is an article,"Out of the Shadows: Louise Clappe's Life and Early California Writing," California History (Winter 1999/2000): pp 238-61, 299-303.

Marlene and her husband have two sons. Some of her other interests are reading, exploring women's spirituality, gardening, and traveling.

Marlene Smith-Baranzini's books:

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Horse Racing

book cover

American Indians

book cover

American Colonies

book cover

American Revolution

book cover

New American Nation

book cover

Civil War

book cover

The Shirley Letters

Horse Racing Coast to Coast (coauthored with Michael Walmsley and published by BowTie Press, Irvine, California), American Indians, American Colonies, American Revolution, New American Nation, TheCivil War (coauthored with Howard Egger-Bovet and published by Little, Brown), and The Shirley Letters (Heyday Books, Berkeley, California) are in print and available from bookstores nationwide or on the web at sources such as Heyday Books, Towne Center Books, Pleasanton, CA or

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